A Beautiful Wedding Awaits You at Your Favorite Beachfront

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While beachfront vacations have long been the norm the more than 20% of travelers who say a “stunning view” is one of their biggest requirements for traveling to a destination, today even more and more brides are selecting a beachfront wedding as well. The choice of a destination wedding, which is now the choice of 15% of all couples, has been growing in popularity for several reasons. From everything to simply sending a Save the Date card no later than six to eight months before the date, to having the opportunity to share a beautiful waterfront view with your guests, a beachfront wedding will provide you with a lifetime of memories of your special day

Whether you decide to venture across the country for one of the popular outer banks weddings venues or you decide to invite your guests to travel to California for your beach wedding your guest will not be disappointed. In 2012, Skift reported that Americans spent $23 billion on vacation rentals during their travels. Your scenic wedding venue can introduce your guests to a new area they may want to revisit later. Your wedding can be one of the favorite family gatherings in the scrapbooks!

If you want all the traditional aspects of a wedding like bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers and live music, you can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 for your beachfront wedding. If, however, you want to create your most memorable day on a smaller budget you can do that as well. Oceanfront hotels for guests come at a variety of prices. You do not need to look at the most expensive outer banks wedding venues to have a beautiful day. Many locations have a family friendly condo package that can make the event more affordable and allow your guests to stay together so they can share in the preparation and excitement of your big day. Another cost saving measure is to book your date outside of the months of June and September, the most popular wedding months. You do not need to be part of the 30% of all brides who select these popular, but expensive months. The beauty of a beachfront wedding is that wedding receptions in the outer banks or on the coasts of Northern Oregon have many months of the year when the scenery is beautiful and inviting for you and your guest.

If a beachfront wedding is your preference, it is better to start planning earlier rather than later. Beachfront property is a popular destination for a variety of purposes. You will want to start early so that you can have your pick of dates before the calendar fills with family vacations, conference groups, special events and business meeting plans.

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