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Limo Buses Safely Transport Your Guests to and from Party Venues

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Did you know that party and limo buses offer roomy interiors, accommodating 15-50 passengers, with all of the amenities and class of a stretch limo? Party buy rentals offer a means of transporting guests to and from weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, sporting events, company celebrations, wine tours, brewery tours, and much more. What should you expect from limo and party bus rentals, and what are some things to think about when renting one?

What’s It Like Inside a Limo Bus?

The exterior of limo and party buses can be misleading. From the outside, most party buses resemble airport shuttles and tour buses. On the inside, however, patrons can expect strobe and/or fiber-optic lighting, hardwood floors, leather seats and couches, dining booths, snacks, and fully-stocked bar

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Three Cool Alternative Things to Do in London

Cheap hotel prices

Why would you ever not want package holidays in London-the place America’s founding fathers hailed from, where the Magna Carta was written, where The Beatles, The Clash and Def Leopard all came from? Is it any wonder that Forbes ranks London as the second most visited city in the entire world during 2013? After all, according to London Loves Business, its hospitality industry will grow by 1.8% during 2013, a good sign for potential tourists.

By taking advantage of package holidays, which consist of transport and accommodations being sold together along with possible other amenities such as rental cars, activities and outings, tourists have the chance to discover what makes London truly great. Tourists can stay at one of the estimated 70,000 three to five star hotels throughout London, experience the estim

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Keys to Vacation Rental Success

Vacation rentals in santa fe

Renting a vacation rental home is not as easy as it sounds. Not only are there endless vacation rentals on the beach, in the mountains, in the woods, and in any other environment you could possibly imagine, but plans can go easily awry.

It’s a commonly told story, and one that we all hope won’t be ours: the tale of the uninvited guests. One renter relates his own experience on “This summer, for example, I told my mother that I had planned to rent a condo on the beach. Within two days, my sister and brother had invited themselves over, boosting our numbers from five to more than 30.” It can be difficult to turn away family, and though homes for vacation rental can save you plenty of money, that feature fades into t

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